Mar 252013

O'Gorman Shamrock 5K run finishThe O’Gorman Boosters have done it again. Another fine event is in the books. Mrs. Dakotabranch and I both attended the 5K run and chilli feed.
This event runs like a swiss watch every year. The weather was a little cooler, at around 28 degrees and flurries in the air. I think last year it was 65 and sunny.

We were both pleased with our times. I normally take a few days off before a short race like this, but this time I ran a seven miler the day before. I must be in a little better shape than before, because I still turned in a fairly decent time: 22:26.  That was good enough for a 21/204 overall finish.  Mrs. Dakotabranch ran the 5K in 27:38, which impressed me at least. She’s too hard on herself.   Her run was 90th place overall.

My only complaint was not related to the race organization or course.   I had forgotten to put on my heart monitor strap before the start.  I realized this after about the first 900 meters.  Was probably better I didn’t have it anyway to avoid the distraction.

We’ll be back next year.

Mar 222013

Life is a series of choices. I choose to run because it is fun, because it is healthy and because it give me a chance to reflect on what is going on around me. Training for a marathon changes that a bit. I look at it more as a hobby than probably others do. With a 20-something month-old in the house, I cannot afford for it to be anything other than a hobby.

But I’ve been running low on miles this week. And you may remember that Mrs. Dakotabranch and I are signed up for the Shamrock Run 5K in Sioux Falls this weekend. Miles are important to a marathon training regimen. a 5K is 3.1 milles. Before today, my total miles for the week stood at 7.1. Ugh. Normally for a Saturday 5K, I take Thursday and Friday off from any running at all. I can’t do that this week because I’m behind in miles for the week and the month.

So I stepped out into the dark and cold (17 degrees, winds E-6). 7.1 miles on the frozen plain around our small South Dakota town. Did I mention I cannot wait for spring to finally arrive?

I’d still like to run down that 5K goal I have, but it probably won’t happen this time.

Mar 152013

Yeah, this time change thing is a drag.  I slipped out for my 5.1 miler this morning under the cover of darkness.   I finished it that way too.  At least it was a little warmer this morning.  37F and an east wind at 8.

At this temperature, I have to start being careful not to overdress.  I almost always run out into the wind in the winter, which I did this morning.   However, my route took me on a little loopback that in the last half mile, turned me back into the wind after running with it for two miles.   Brrr.

There’s really nothing to do about that except stay inside and run only treadmill miles.    Yeah right.  We’re not gonna do that.

Did I mention that my wife and I are signed up for the Shamrock Run in Sioux Falls on March 23rd?   This event is put on by the O’Gorman boosters.  They do a good job every year.   See you there!

Happy trails.