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Mickelson Trail Trek 2012

109 miles of fall Black Hills beauty from a bicycle in 3 days.


BN 6330 BN's Big Green Cat

My build and paint of an HO scale Caterpillar powered SD40C with a split personality. The build is far from perfect, but I think what I came up with looks pretty amazing.


DAIR 3801 - A Proto-Lanced GP38

There is no DAIR 3801, and there probably never will be. But I wanted a four axle unit with sound in DAIR colors. I already have a DAIR 20 (from a Lifelike GP 20) without sound. I got a hold of a sound Atlas/QSI GP38 and I already had some undec shells, so I went for it. It seems like many shortlines number their GP38s in the 3800 series, so that was the reason I numbered mine 3801. No basis in reality whatsoever besides this and the handsome paint that the real D&I Railroad units wear.


BN Green and Black SD70MAC

My HO scale 9400 series SD70MAC in BN cascade green and black.


CR 2321

A custom re-paint for my brother-in-law who is from the east coast and remembers the Conrail era from his childhood.


TC&W Operating Sessions

Alan Saatkamp's HO Scale TCWR model railroad operating sessions



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