Jan 082014

So here it is…

find a church
take Beth on a date at least 6 times.
observe a ‘no TV’ night every week
oversee the construction of our new house

cycle with Beth 20-ish or more miles three or more times in 2014
run a sub-20 minute 5k
strength train at least 30 minutes 2 or 3 days every week.
take a few boxing lessons before beginning boxing related cross training workouts
get a heavy punching bag for our workout room at the new house
Look into cycle trainers  – use our own bikes on a stationary platform that provides [variable] resistance.

eat no desserts on nights Beth works.
drink no pop in January and February.

earn 1 new NMRA AP certificate.
learn layout design software e.g. 3rd-Planit or similar
complete an HO Scale B30-7A project (BN 4009)

Dialing back my enthusiasm for structured model railroad hobby goals and marathoning.    I’m not saying I’m done with running marathons, I just want to have the time to commit to be sure I can break 4:00.  This year does not look like it will lend itself to that.  Also, treadmill boredom and a lifelong of curiosity have lead me to resolve to explore boxing.   As a late-30 something, this might well be called crazy, but so can be running 26.2 miles.


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