Sep 042013

Those of you that know me have been following the wild ride that Mrs. Dakotabranch and I have been on this summer and early fall.  The end result of this will be very positive.  However, there is some unavoidable short term unpleasantness associated with our situation.

Due to our situation, I’ll be sitting out this year’s Sioux Falls half-marathon.    I never planned to run the whole marathon, but was looking forward to a 13.1, or Harry as some people call it.  Half the distance, twice the fun?

But not when you have the crud in your lungs during the week before the race, as I do right now.  It has been there since 8/22.

That brings me to my next point, which is the importance of keeping a running log.   I use an Excel spreadsheet.  I know some people like to use those fancy-schmancy ones from their Garmin, RunKeeper, iPhone, whatever.   I’ve found that I can enter data about how I feel, how well certain clothing works in the cold weather and info about new shoes.  This spreadsheet helps me recall how long I’ve been under the weather.

This stuff doesn’t plot on a graph well, but it sure is nice to have.  The process of updating it doesn’t become a burden because I’m motivated to see how many miles I’ve got left this month.   So I’m never more than a day or two late putting in run data.

All this in addition to having the benefit of motivating me to run the miles I want to.   Last year was the first year I recorded every run.   I almost made 1,300 miles in 2012.   We’ll see what The Twins have to say about 1,200 in 2013 when they are born.  Right now I’m on pace to easily make that number by new year’s eve.



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