May 142013

Yes, I did it.   I finished the Brookings Marathon in 4:24:00.   I did not join the DNF list.   I’m not particularly happy with the time, but all things considered, I’m satisfied.   Perhaps best of all, the shirt this year, a technical shirt again, is kind of a pale royal blue with

By the 20th mile or so, I was off pace and busy making up excuses why I didn’t finish in less than 4 hours.

So here goes a couple that I can think of

  • I didn’t sleep well in the week or two leading up to the race.   I’ve been preoccupied with other subjects that have kept me from good sleep.  Nothing that are huge worries, just general pre-occupations
  • I was unable to train as vigorously as with the last two marathons.  My circumstances last year allowed me to do two-a-days.   But that is no longer the case.
  • It was very windy in Brookings on marathon Saturday.    Some of the course is protected from the wind, but other places are not.
  • I don’t pay enough attention to my diet.   I’ve said in the past that I like to eat, so I must run.  It is true that I have a healthier diet now than 10 years ago, but I could do better.  But I will never give up spaghetti with made with hot Italian sausage.
  • I have an almost two-year-old in the house.  He’s the Prince of Cuteness right now and Mrs. Dakotabranch and I agree that the more time we put into him now, the better he’ll turn out later.   Having him around makes finding time for long runs a little more difficult.

I guess I’m proud to say I am now a three time marathon finisher.

Happy rails.

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