Mar 082013

It was 25 degrees F and winds SE-5 this morning when I looked at current conditions at the NWS in Sioux Falls. This weather report was my ticket to break my streak of 62 1/2 miles of treadmill running uninterrupted by runs outdoors. We have a Landice L7 which is a very nice machine. I’ve partially trained for two marathons on it now. But I’m not gonna lie, being shut up inside running on the TM since Feb 17, I needed a break.

Today it came. I was able to punch out a fairly easy 58:11 7-miler this morning. I figure with the bad weather coming, I might not get to run outside again this weekend.

Also, as a bonus, it was almost completely daylight outside when I finished. Must be time to change the clocks. Hmf.

By the way, those of you hoping to get into the half marathon at Brookings in 2013, you better hurry. There are only a handful of bib numbers left!  Register here.

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