Mar 142013

I got out for another 7-somthing mile Brookings Marathon training run this morning.  It was 17 degrees F as I stepped out the door and I noticed before I left for work that it has dropped to 13 degrees F.   My lungs felt as if they would collapse in the first 3/4 of a mile, but after that, I settled into a nice rhythm.   The cold usually doesn’t bother me much so long as the South Dakota winds stay relatively calm.   The only real complaint I had about the morning was that the switch back to standard time has me getting back from my runs at first light or so.  That will change as we get closer to gun time, but I ran in almost full daylight last week.

I hope to get around the 19.45 mile bike trail loop around Sioux Falls this weekend and on Good Friday.  Stay tuned for details on that.

Happy trails.

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