Aug 212012

We’re right around 3 1/2 weeks to go until the annual Mickelson Trail Trek returns to South Dakota’s Black Hills region.  I have not pedaled more than about 16 miles in a weekend since my buddy and I agreed to go on this little misdirected adventure.   True enough, I am a two-time marathon runner, but I am just that.  I’ll be a cyclist trapped in a runner’s body at this event.   I hope my cardio training can carry me over the approximately 109 miles of former CB&Q Railroad right-of-way.

I’ve ridden a century one time in the past – the second South Dakota State Games in 1990, IIRC.   So here’s hoping 25-30 miles per week of running will be enough to carry me through a weekend of 109 miles cycling total.

On a related note, I am looking forward to seeing the former Q high line from end to end.   I’ve been over large parts of it in the past, but never the whole thing in one weekend.   It should be a lot of fun.